Nutrisystem Diabetic Plan Reviews


Saving my Life
(5 out of 5 stars)

Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is absolutely a life saver. When I got the type 2 diabetes diagnosis, everyone in my family was scared for me, since my own dad had died from complications. I was determined to not end up like him – but he did not have access to the same tools we have today. I feel terrible that he did not have something like Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan, but I am so grateful that I do. It’s weird, it’s almost like when I eat each meal, I think of my dad and say, “hey, we’re doing this together.” I know he’d be proud of my choices.


And the choices with Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan are tasty, which is the best thing. Even though I’ve had to make some serious changes in my life, I do not feel deprived. I feel great. I mean, I feel like I get real home cooking with the chili with beans or the chicken and dumplings! I never thought diet food could taste like this. Or sloppy joes, which were something new I just got, so delicious! I felt like a kid again. The desserts are very good too, just enough for me to feel like I’ve had a nice treat at the end of the day.


Good Food, Quite a Surprise

(4.5 out of 5 stars)

The advertisements for Nutrisystem are truly effective. I saw one of their convincing commercials after a big dinner one night where I felt very fat and bloated. I remember it had been deep fried chicken with mashed potatoes and tons of gravy, but no vegetables. Not because I didn’t like vegetables, but more because I was simply too lazy to prepare them. So, when I saw that Nutrisystem was very easy to make, I thought that it might work for me.


The food is very good, and definitely a cinch to make. I tried to taste everything on the menu, and was surprised that I liked almost everything on it. There were a few things that weren’t very good, like the breakfast Egg Frittata, but the rest was fairly tasty.  The main thing that I was impressed with was that I was still able to eat desserts.


Now, I can prepare my little packaged meal, like the Hearty Beef Stew, and doctor it up with tons of cooked carrots, celery, and onions. I also have a whole grain roll with a bit of margarine, and voila! I have a delicious and filling meal. This is the perfect diet for diabetic women like me.



Fantastic food
(5 out of 5 stars)

I think I have tried every diet on the planet, and yet, I still end up with type 2 diabetes. I guess yo yo dieting can really do a number on the body. I just wish someone had told me that when I was younger. Thank God Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is not another crazy yo yo diet where I have to worry if I’m doing the right thing. I actually get cheese puffs and desserts! I mean, that is balanced, since I do not have to deprive myself, I don’t have to end up bingeing on things that are bad for me, which is what used to happen on EVERY other diet I have ever tried. Anyway, it’s in all the diet literature now. Extreme diets only make weight gain worse. Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is just real food, in balanced nutrition and healthy amounts – there are not weird chemicals or gimmicks. That is why it’s not really a diet it’s a lifestyle for me. It’s helping me make better choices. So even if I have to eat out, for example, I can say, “I would have had a chicken breast with veggies on Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan” and then I just order that instead. I can make better choices now.



Lost 25 Pounds, Food was Okay

(3.5 out of 5 stars)

Thanks to my doctor, I found the Nutrisystem program for Diabetic women. In my later years, I had not been watching what I ate, and had gained over seventy pounds. I developed Type II diabetes, and had swollen ankles, which were very painful. My doctor said I needed to go on a diet right away, so I looked up the Nutrisystem program.


I tried several foods from the Nutrisystem Diabetic menu, but I only found a few that I really enjoyed eating. They were delicious, but only eating a few foods day after day can get pretty boring. So, I took the meal planner advice and started stocking up on the grocery foods that I was allowed to eat, especially the unlimited vegetables. So, I wasn’t hungry at least!

In a little over two months I lost twenty-five pounds. My doctor is very impressed, and he is glad that I have chosen the proper, healthy way to lose weight. He says my blood sugar is being maintained, and I can definitely feel an improvement in my legs. I actually feel like walking again!



Good stuff
(3 out of 5 stars)

Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan has become a necessity for me, but it’s a bit of a hassle for my family, that’s my main gripe. My wife has to prepare my meals, plus meals for herself, but she is just cooking for one, since our kids won’t eat anything we eat. It’s given her a bit more work, but I think after a few more months she may have a good rhythm going. Both of us are just happy I’m on a healthy path.


In fact, I think she might be a bit jealous, but I try to tell her Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan meals cannot beat hers! But that said, the food is still pretty good, for diet food. I mean, I was expecting cardboard and sandpaper. Nothing like that. The soups are probably my favorite, since they are usually pretty hearty. I was never a fan of chicken, so I kind of wish there was more red meat, but I guess that kind of thinking got me into the health problems I’m in now. My doctor is really pleased with my progress and thinks it has a lot to do with my dietary changes. So, despite a few bumps in the road, I’m going to stick with it.



The Lazy Woman’s Diet

(3 out of 5 stars)

I will be the first to tell you that I am lazy. I hate cooking, despise doing the dishes, and generally abhor housework. That is why the Nutrisystem diet is the perfect diet plan for a diabetic like me. It comes pre-packaged, the food is tasty, and I hardly have any dishes to do when I am done! 

For breakfast, there are a ton of good foods to choose from. I really enjoy the breakfast bars, pancakes, and muffins, with orange juice or skim milk to wash them down. Most have added protein, so they taste chewy, but for the most part are good to eat. The easiest part about this diet, besides not really having to spend that much time cooking, is that I also don’t have to count calories.

If I want to, I can add additional vegetables to the meal to help keep me full. Some of the foods don’t need extras, but some definitely do, like the little pizzas. While they are good, they are also small, so I find that eating some salad with them is a good idea. I also like to have lots of water throughout the day so that I don’t eat that much.



Great meals to your door!
(4.5 out of 5 stars)

I think I’m kind of young to be starting with a diabetes meal plan, but my doctor said it was necessary. Basically I thought I would try Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan in order to figure out which kinds of foods I should be eating, but now I keep ordering month after month because it is tasty and simple solution to my problems!


I do not need to worry about counting calories, or making sure I’m getting balanced meals to manage my blood sugar levels, since the diabetic plan takes care of that automatically. It’s such a relief to know this aspect of my life can be put on auto pilot while I take care of other things I need to do. Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan has helped me lose weight, and combined with a new exercise routine I’ve started, has helped me feel incredibly healthy and fit. I don’t know what I would do without it.


My favorite meals are the lunches and dinners, which are usually hearty and interesting. Just the other day I had the chicken tortilla soup, which I wasn’t sure I was going to like, but it was really delicious. The pasta dishes are also pretty good, I had no idea I’d still get to eat carbs!



Great for Moms on the Go

(5 out of 5 stars)

I developed Diabetes after the birth of my third child. It wasn’t that surprising, as it runs in my family, and my doctor saw it coming after my son was born. So, in order to lose all of that baby weight and get healthy again, he recommended that I try the Nutrisystem diet for diabetics.


Being a young person with diabetes can be difficult, but Nutrisystem really helped me manage my weight. I was able to slip a breakfast bar into my purse to eat while I took my older children to daycare. The food was so easy to prepare that I didn’t feel tired, and could make meals for the rest of my family too!


The best part was that the food tasted good. One of my favorite lunches was the Minestrone soup. It was thick and meaty. Yum. I wasn’t tempted to eat any of the snacks my kids were eating. In fact, it encouraged me to feed my kids more fresh fruits and vegetables, which was what I was eating. They began to like a variety of fruits and veggies, which makes me a happy momma. 



No hassle, easy to follow
(4 out of 5 stars)

I am a busy executive and when my doctor said I needed to make some diet and lifestyle changes I said – show me the easiest way, because I know I will not do it unless it’s simple. He said Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan. I said, sign me up. I can’t say I love the food, but to be honest, it’s better than eating out at restaurants 5 nights a week and eating leftovers the other two!


Like I said, I’m a busy exec, and I used to feed myself out most of the time. I’m also divorced, so no wife was going to be doting on me. I have to say the 3 square meals a day is growing on me. People chuckle when I take a lunch break now, because they practically never saw me in the lunch room, but hey, I can make a small change if it means saving my life. Type 2 diabetes is a terrible thing to deal with, but Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is helping to make it a lot easier. I do not have to worry about “following doctor’s orders” since there is honestly nothing to think about with Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan delivering everything to my door. It’s great.



Lots of Energy for my Grand kids

(4 out of 5 stars)

I used to cook nearly every day, but then my kids moved out of the house, and I started ordering take out or going to restaurants all the time. The pounds just started packing on. My kids began having children of their own, and I was getting heavier and heavier. I was out of breath, my joints hurt, and I simply did not have the energy to enjoy my grandchildren.

Being diagnosed with type II diabetes was just the final straw. I joined Nutrisystem almost immediately, and within the week was sampling some of their delicious foods. I was very impressed with their selection, especially the very filling entrees. I really enjoy the soups, as well.


Now, I am full of energy. I love packing the on the go bars and some vegetables or a fruit smoothie to go with me when I visit my grandchildren. They love that grandma has so much energy and wants to play with them. Imagine my surprise when my youngest granddaughter actually told me that I looked beautiful :-)



A great idea
(4.5 out of 5 stars)

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes my biggest concern was figuring out how I was going to manage all my doctor’s recommendations for medicine, exercise, and meal plans. The meals seemed like the most intensive aspect of the changes. She actually suggested Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan, which I had never heard of. She said a lot of her patients had success with it.


I thought I would do one month as a test run, and I’m just two weeks in, but I had to write in and say what a great idea this is! I have everything laid out for me, so there is nothing I have to worry about or wonder if I’m getting every food group accounted for on a daily basis. Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan makes it all automatic, and it is great to have the food delivered right to my door. It has cut down on the number of grocery trips I have to make and even my grocery bill. The food is super affordable considering the quantity and variety you can get. My only gripe? I wish there was some ice cream or frozen yogurt in the dessert plan! It gets pretty hot where I live and I would sure enjoy that at night.



This is the Best Diet Program. Period.

(5 out of 5 stars)

I’ve been on the Nutrisystem Diabetic plan for over three months now, and I have already lost over thirty pounds. It is simply amazing. I feel great, I look great, and I never feel cranky, faint, or hungry. My husband absolutely loves the way I look, and tells me every day.


I have tried other diets before, but they never worked. They were quick fixes. Nutrisystem actually teaches you portion control and how to train your stomach to want less food.


The menu is delicious. For breakfast, I usually have a small serving of cottage cheese and a meal bar, or a cup of yogurt and a bowl of Nutriflakes. For lunch, I stick to the Caesar Salad with tons of extra veggies, which I can eat as much of as I want! I really try to drink a ton of water throughout the day to help flush my system and keep me feeling full.


Dinner tends to be one of the delicious pasta dishes, like Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, and a whole grain roll, with a fresh garden salad. And, the best part is that I can eat dessert!



Great taste, low cost
(4 out of 5 stars)

The best thing about Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is that I’m SAVING MONEY on my food bills. I never thought that ordering prepared food to my doorstep would be cheap, but I realized that I waste sooo much food since I really like to have variety, and I tend to throw away my leftovers and just forget when food is in there.


With Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan, it’s a no-brainer. I eat what comes in the mail! It’s so easy, I can’t believe it. The money thing aside, this stuff works. I have dropped 30 pounds, in just a few months. I like that the weight loss is slow and steady, I hear so much bad stuff about when people lose too much weight too fast, that is completely unhealthy. I appreciate that Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is REAL food, not powdered junk that makes you feel like you are hardly getting any food at all (cause I’ve tried that too.) I do wish some of the bars were a bit bigger, they are very tasty, but I like to feel full sometimes, which meals like the bean soup definitely do for me. Overall I really think Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is helping me stay healthy and fit.



Anyone Can Lose Weight

(4.5 out of 5 stars)

I loved my Nutrisystem diet. I began the program in early spring so I could lose weight by summer. By the end of the first week, I had lost three pounds, and the weight just kept coming off after that. I couldn’t believe how slim I looked. I lost six inches off my waist. Six inches! I almost didn’t recognize myself.


After four months, I dropped over fifty pounds. People were stopping me in the street and telling me how good I looked after having not seen me for a while. By summer, I was in the best shape of my life. My bathing suit went from a dowdy black one piece to a sexy red bikini. My husband loves it.

I have always had self-esteem issues, especially since I was always overweight and unable to do anything about it. But thanks to the great nutrition, delicious food, and easy to follow program that came with my Nutrisystem plan, I feel the best I have ever felt. 



I love this program!
(5 out of 5 stars)

Wow, where can I start with how much I love Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan. I heard from my doctor that if I did not do something serious about my weight and eating habits I was going to have major health problems, and then things came back with a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. I can’t say I was surprised, but I was very scared about it. As an older single man, I had no idea about what to eat and when. My doctor handed me a meal plan and I was like, “Yeah right, you think I know how to make this??”


A friend of mine actually told me about Nutrisystem and said he thought they had something for diabetics. I rushed to put in my first order, because like I said, I felt so alone and helpless. When my first package of meals came I felt like celebrating! I thought of all the work I would NOT have to be doing with the meals already ready to eat! I love the tuna salad, it tastes so fresh. I also could not believe I was still allowed snacks and dessert! (I was secretly afraid I’d have to say goodbye to snickers bars, but the nougat bar from Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is just as good!)



If You Work at it, It Will Work for You

(5 out of 5 stars)

I’ve battled with my weight my whole life. It’s tough when you can’t play with your kids because you’re just too winded. I used to ask my friends to take my girls to the park for me because I did not like to be the fat mom, and didn’t want to be seen in public. Not to mention that I was so out of shape going to the park made me tired.

But with the Nutrisystem diet, I lost over forty pounds. Now I feel great. I can pack a snack bar and a bottle of water in my bag, and take the kids to the park myself. I’m not the fat mom any more. My kids love being able to play with me and not have me quit due to feeling tired.

One of the best things about the program, besides the good food, is the online support system. As someone with low self-esteem, I really enjoyed being able to get support from people who were going through the same struggles that I was. It provided an excellent outlet for my frustrations with the hard work that I was putting into losing weight.



Pretty good, if I have to do this
(3.5 out of 5 stars)

I have to admit, I signed up for Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan by doctor’s orders, with a bit of kicking and screaming. No one tells me what to do, but when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I realized that my thinking I knew what was best got me into a bit of health trouble.


So, I signed up for Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan. I’m happy with the results, because I certainly feel a lot healthier, but it has been a difficult transition. I was never a 3 meals a day kind of guy. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. If that meant some big pizza with beer watching football – so be it, but that’s what got me into this mess.


So, I have to learn to be satisfied with the smaller portions and what I consider too-healthy food I get with Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan. I guess most people would be really happy about the food, since it is so healthy. But I still miss my pizza! I’m hoping it will eventually taste great to me, since it does feel pretty good to do this. I know that if I’m going to survive, I need to change my ways.



This Diet Worked for Me

(4 out of 5 stars)

I absolutely love my Nutrisystem Diabetic program. I work at a desk all day, so I was having no trouble snacking, eating fast food, and packing on the weight. I was in terrible shape, and I didn’t keep my blood sugar under control.


The moment I heard about the Nutrisystem diabetic diet, I signed up. I wasn’t sure how I would like the food. While some things weren’t that good, like the Buffalo Chicken Wrap or the Home style Chicken with Noodles, I did like the majority of the food.


How the food tasted could not compare with how much weight I actually lost. Because the food is shelf stable, I could keep my Nutrisystem foods in a special drawer in my desk. The top tier I kept my snacks, like Pretzels and Snack Bars, and the bottom tier held my lunches. I kept diet soda and bottled water in the fridge, along with grapes or strawberries to finish off my meal. Needless to say, having easy to make, healthy food at work allowed me to eat better and lose a ton of weight.



Amazing Program!!
(5 out of 5 stars)

I have been managing my diet for years – or I should say, my wife has! She is a super star and is actually the one who found out about the Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan. It is not because she doesn’t want to cook for me, but sometimes it is hard to figure out what is really safe for a diabetic and how to manage my levels all day long. With Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan, I am able to put my diet on autopilot, and my wife never has to worry if I am getting the nutrition I need.


Overall, I’m pleased with the quality of the food. I find myself actually looking forward to waking up and eating breakfast, and I was never a breakfast kind of guy. I know, that is terrible for someone with diabetes. But I just never was into it. But now, the egg frittata and the cinnamon roll are two of my favorite foods for breakfast. The granola bars are actually pretty tasty too!


The dinners are hearty and flavorful, so I don’t usually feel like I’m missing something. In fact, sometimes my wife will make similar meals for herself, so we can be a team in nutrition!



Make a Budget, it Works

(3.5 out of 5 stars)

Some people might feel intimidated by the price tag of the Nutrisystem diet, but let me be the first to say that it is definitely worth it. If you have a big family on a budget, this diet program will be a bit of a stretch, but there are ways to make it work for you.


For instance, going to the farmer’s market to stock up on in season fruits and vegetables to help save money. Buy a sturdy water bottle and refill it daily to take to work or on errands instead of buying bottles of water every day.


Since Nutrisystem’s foods are all packaged individually, they can be stretched out as long as you follow your diet plan. They’re perfectly portioned for each meal, but adding lots of fruits and veggies will help you feel fuller. Trust me, I have four children and a hungry husband, so I needed to carefully work my Nutrisystem diet into my budget. I managed to do it comfortably, and ended up losing over forty pounds!



Being Diabetic Is Horrible, Even Worse On A Diet
(2 out of 5 stars)

I just found out I'm diabetic and am so mad I could scream! I can't believe I let myself get this deep without correcting course sooner. I may lose my toes!!! Now my doctor says I have to get on a healthy diet FAST and that Nutrisystem or Bistro MD is the way to go. Whatever, I hate diets!



The Best Diabetic Program

(4 out of 5 stars)

I have lived with diabetes for over ten years. My weight has always been an issue. My doctor recommended that I find a diet that worked for me, and we discussed Nutrisystem Diabetic. I have never been happier with a diet. The food is delicious and very easy to prepare.


My blood sugar used to be very difficult to control. The Nutrisystem Diabetic program has taken care of everything. With its Glycemic Index, it counts calories and recommends foods that neatly keep control of my blood sugar.  I never feel hungry, and I definitely don’t have any diabetic complications. My legs feel very strong.


Now I have lots of energy and my diabetes is under complete control. I can’t believe how easy it was. I just wasn’t working in the right direction. My doctor and my family are both extremely proud of my hard work and how much weight I have actually lost. 



Great food, great results
(4.5 out of 5 stars)

The Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is the best thing I could have thought of to help me manage my blood sugar and type 2 diabetes without having to worry about if I’m doing the right thing. Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan has already figured it all out, and I don’t have to continually read labels and spend tons of time finding recipes or going to the store and standing in the grocery aisles while I see if a certain food will work for me.


Those days are over! I’m very pleased with Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan, although I wish some of the meals were not just a bar. I like to feel like I get a complete meal each time I sit down, but I have to admit the bars are useful to have if I happen to be on the run a particular day. I feel great also, my doctor thinks the plan works much better to manage my weight and blood levels than when I tried to “wing it” on my own.


The fact is, type 2 diabetes is a serious disease that requires constant care – and with Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan I feel like I am getting the care I need, each meal.



The Food Was Just Okay

(3 out of 5 stars)

Right off the bat after starting the Nutrisystem diet program I started noticing a change immediately. The weight was coming off within the first week. I noticed that my waist was looking more defined, I started finding that my exercise routine was more effective, and I had a lot more energy.


The only problem was that I did not like all of the food. The muffins were not good. The Nutriflakes became mushy quickly, and did not taste good with skim milk. I also did not like many of the entrees or even the desserts. I enjoyed the pizzas, but they were way too small.


I ended up finding a few meals that I did like, such as the Minestrone and Broccoli soups. These were perfect with a whole grain roll and a salad. I also liked the little chocolate buttons. I could slip a package of these into my purse and savor them throughout the day.


So, I did lose weight, but I also felt a bit bored. However, I am a picky eater, so the normal person will probably find more to like about their Nutrisystem menu than I did.



Changing My Life, One Meal at a Time
(5 out of 5 stars)

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have found a solution that works for me, and my family, to manage all our health. My wife signed up for Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan with me when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, as a show of support, but our doctor thinks it was the best thing for her too. We are also teaching our children a great respect for the power of food to hurt or heal the body. I have been steadily taking off the excess weight that has made me sick and tired for years, and my wife has been losing some weight as well. She makes healthy meals for the kids a priority too – and they have been learning to make better choices.


The best part about Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan, like I said, is the lifestyle change, but the food is also very tasty. We get tons of variety, so we are never bored with the meal selections. I actually look forward to getting something new in the mail each month. Also, supplementing with our own fruits and veggies allows us to be creative and do some great meals for the kids as well.


Also, the meals have actually ended up saving us money, since there is no wasted food and no leftovers that go uneaten.



Great for Teaching Portion Control

(4 out of 5 stars)

I got divorced recently and wanted to lose some weight. I needed to do something rewarding for putting up with that man who took away most of my life. Now I look fantastic, while he is stuck trying to manage his life without me.


By the end of October, I had lost over twenty pounds. I’m very proud of my accomplishments, and have even started dating again. It’s really great to be able to just enjoy myself and play the field for once. Thanks to Nutrisystem, I finally had the confidence to do it.


Nutrisystem is the best because it is so easy, and actually tastes good. I love how I can add a protein, dairy, or vegetable to the meal to make it completely balanced. It allows me to get creative while still being able to lose all the weight that I want. With exercise, I have been able to get in the best shape of my life. 



Yes! I Finally Found something that Works!
(5 out of 5 stars)

I’m an actor for a living so my looks are incredibly important to me. I was not even overweight when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so imagine my surprise. I can’t say I was that healthy though. I usually kept my energy up with caffeine drinks, and worked out a lot, which was not the best combo since I was deficient in nutrition.


The point is, I’ve been using Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan for 2 months already and I’m not bored with the food, feel better than I’ve ever felt and have not put on a pound, since that is what I was most worried about. The food is really well balanced and nutritious, and sure beats sucking down diet soda all day. I’m amazed I haven’t gained weight, since it seems like I’m eating all the time. (I never did breakfast, snacks or dessert before.) In fact, I’m really enjoying the variety of the foods, since a lot of them are things I would never try on my own.  I’m a fan of the Italian pizza and the cheese ravioli too. (What can I say, I’m Italian!) But the other food is also really good.



Works for Me!

(5 out of 5 stars)

This is hands-down the best diet program. Nutrisystem has the best food of all of the diet programs that I have tried. I love all of the food, and I am not exaggerating. My favorite is by far the Tortellini. It is perfection. With a side salad with cucumbers, green peppers, and broccoli, this is by far my favorite meal.


After I found out that I had diabetes, I was not sure how I was going to eat all of the foods that I like. This diet program even has room for dessert. There is chocolate cake, and coconut bars, and chocolate, and other delicious stuff to eat.


I don’t know why I even bothered with other diet plans in the past. The frozen foods were not convenient and always thawed before I could get them to the freezer at work. The Nutrisystem foods all travel very well. I can take them anywhere, on road trips, to work, or even to the beach and have a diet iced tea. 



Not What I Expected, But I’m sticking with it
(3 out of 5 stars)

The meals look really great on the website and even on the plate, but they never taste or fill me up as much as I think they will. I’m a bigger guy, and I’m used to the whole “bucket of wings” idea. So the idea of eating oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt seriously made me laugh when I first pulled out the food ideas.


But seriously, I’m eating it, and it’s kind of growing on me. I’m hoping that I really learn to like the taste of string beans, because right now it’s not happening. But what is happening is some serious weight loss, which is new for me. I’m used to always putting on weight, so I’m willing to stay a bit hungry in the mean time. My doctor says this is because I’ve been eating more than I should for too long and my body needs time to adjust. She assures me that the Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan food is definitely in the amounts of calories I need to be getting. She says her number one goal is my health, and I’m sure she knows more than I do. So even though my taste buds could go for wings, my body is definitely liking the change on the Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan food.



You Will Lose Weight

(4 out of 5 stars)

The Nutrisystem diet plan is a great diet that I recommend to anyone. Some people will have to work harder at controlling their hunger more than others though. However, the Nutrisystem diet can teach you portion control. Portion control is the ability to eat smaller meals and not feel hungry. Before this diet, I ate way too much and always felt really bloated afterward. Since starting the Nutrisystem diet plan, I never feel hungry, nor do I feel fat and tired.


For breakfast I can eat one of the packaged entrees, such as a breakfast bar. I drink an 8 oz. Skim milk or a low-fat orange juice. I also eat a handful of mixed fruit, strawberries or blueberries. 

At lunch and I usually eat the Nutrisystem packaged entrée, but also eat fresh vegetables. My favorites are celery sticks, cucumbers, and carrots. I don’t even need to eat them with dressing, especially if I buy them fresh and seal them. 

For an afternoon snack, I tend to eat a small apple and drink lots of water. Unlike before, I don’t need to drink coffee during the day because I don’t feel tired. At dinnertime, I eat an entrée, such as the Home style Chicken with Noodles, and as much salad as I want. This is the best diet ever.



A Great Value for the Quality
(4 out of 5 stars)

I never thought I would be the kind of person to get home delivered food. I love to cook and when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I figured I could handle it all on my own. Well, I was right and I was wrong. Cooking healthfully 3 meals and snacks a day is possible, but it is time consuming hard work. It made me realize the way I used to cook (one giant delicious gourmet meal a day with coffee, cream, and sugar buzzing me through the rest of the day) was easier to plan for, despite, really catapulting me into poor health.


So I thought I had to get some help and tried out the Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan. While it is not gourmet, I’m actually saving money by getting the meals delivered to me. And some of it is actually pretty good. The Southwestern lunch and the split pea soup are both pretty good. Plus, I have no trouble adding a few spices here and there to spruce up favors if I want to (just no added fat, salt, or sugar, I know!!)


Overall, I recommend this plan to anyone. (And I still make one gourmet meal a month on my “off” days)



This Program Changed my Mind about Food

(5 out of 5 stars)

I used to eat terrible foods before I started the Nutrisystem diet program for Diabetics. I used to not care about maintaining my blood sugar levels, and would eat sugary foods that were awful for me. I liked hamburgers, French fries, gallons of soda, and still had room for gooey sundaes and candy.


Now, I appreciate the taste of fresh foods. I love the Nutrisystem diet because it allows me to get creative with my meals. I can eat the entrees provided in the plan, like the Macaroni and Cheese, plus add half a turkey wrap stuffed with tomatoes, lettuce, and fresh sprouts.


I’ve tried tons of new types of vegetables. One that I really like that I have never heard of before is a protein replacement called Edamame. I enjoy finding different ways to mix and match my entrees with these new veggies.



Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan Is Great
(4 out of 5 stars)

I wish I did not have to be writing this review as a 46 year old male who should have taken better care of his health a long time ago. I knew something was up with my health recently and when I learned I had type 2 diabetes, I was shocked and upset. My poor wife already worried about me enough, and to get this diagnosis put us both over the edge.


I am really happy I found Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan, since it reduces the strain of wondering how in the world I should be eating now. If my wife had it her way, it would be salads for lunch every day! At least with Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan I get some variety, even though some of the dishes are not something I would normally try to combine. Like the chicken and pineapple? I’m not an exotic food kind of guy, so that one was a little weird for me.


Overall, I’m really happy with the food, and my wife can sleep at night knowing I have something that really works for me and my health. Plus, she’s even thinking of giving some of the women’s plans a try for her own health.



I Have Lots of Energy

(4 out of 5 stars)

About two years ago, I made the conscious decision to change my body. I was starting to look terrible. I was a size 18, clinically obese, and tired every day. I felt awful, looked awful, and just needed to change my life. I did not want to go outside because I was so self-conscious.

After only two months on Nutrisystem, I lost over twenty pounds. All I had to do was take what I learned using the Nutrisystem entrees and the meal planning, and work it right into my daily life. This is a plan that taught me how to eat, not just what to eat. I did not need to eat as much to feel full. I could go out again and meet people. I did not feel funny around my friends who were eating salads while I was digging into huge steaks and baked potatoes.

I love that I am able to keep the weight off on my own. I feel full easily, and I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I like to get creative with my meals now instead of eating out or ordering fast food. Nutrisystem is the best program for diabetics and worked wonders for me.



The best food delivery service and plan for a diabetic
(5 out of 5 stars)

Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is saving my life. I have always tried to eat healthy, especially when I learned I had type 2 diabetes, but it turns out I was not getting properly balanced meals and nutrition. Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan takes all the guesswork out of the equation. I actually look forward to each package of food, to see what I will be eating for the next few weeks. Sometimes I hope to see one of the delicious cinnamon rolls I love to have with my decaf coffee in the morning.


Starting on Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan has not been just about losing weight, which I’ve managed to do slowly over the last few weeks, about 1 pound a week, but it has been a lifestyle change as well. I feel like I’m in good hands and do not need to worry if I am getting my diet right, I can just eat my meals and enjoy them without worrying.


It is important that I set a good example for my kids, so they can see that even when there are roadblocks in life, there are also solutions, and Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan has been a great solution for me.



Needs More Flexibility

(3.5 out of 5 stars)

I really like the food in the Nutrisystem diet. It is delicious. However, I am hungry again within an hour of eating. The doctor says this is because I overate for so long that my stomach is now slowly shrinking back to it's proper size. However, I feel that this might be because I do not like fruits and veggies, I am lactose intolerant, and I dislike soy. So, I cannot eat a lot of the additional foods that the online Nutrisystem program suggests.


So, naturally, I lost weight. But, I do not think that I did it in the most healthy way possible. I truly did enjoy the food that was on the menu. I liked the pasta dishes and the soups, and the Creamy Caesar Salad was not bad as far as salads go.


After two months, I only lost ten pounds, but that is because I would skip meals to eat out. It was only because I did not have the greatest will power. I would like to try again and experiment with different fruits and vegetables to see if there are things that I might like to eat.



Okay, but It Works
(3 out of 5 stars)

While I cannot say I love the meals I’ve been getting, I know that the Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan meals are way healthier than the junk I used to eat. I guess I really was not being careful with my health. The thing that is hardest is making sure I’m not hungry all the time, and the portions could be bigger. But my doctor also says this could be because I used to eat so much that my stomach is enlarged. I don’t know how it all works to be honest. What I do know is that the last few weeks I have lost 15 pounds!


That is enough to keep me motivated. I guess I should say that my least favorite foods are the pasta dishes, since I was never big on pasta, and was more into burgers and fries, you know? So, this is definitely a big lifestyle change for me. The best part about the Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan program is that I do not have to worry about what I’m going to eat and when. So at least I’m not the one who has to come up with the healthy ideas, because I just know I wouldn’t.



Surprisingly, I Lost Weight

(5 out of 5 stars)

I was watching my afternoon television programs while eating fistfuls of chips and soda when I saw a NutriSystem commercial. The commercial showed very healthy, happy, and smiling women looking amazing, even in their forties and fifties. After talking to my doctor about my diabetes, we came to the conclusion that the Nutrisystem program would be perfect for me. It definitely fit my health needs.  

The food was delicious, and I couldn’t believe how full it made me. I was surprised that it was as good as it was, since I’ve been on other diets that did not taste as good and were much more expensive. The food was very easy to prepare, which was another plus.


My favorite foods were the BBQ Pork and Rice and the Chocolate Cake. They tasted amazing, and were just the right size. This is the perfect program for me, and I am starting to look and feel amazing. I am certainly more active than I have ever been before.




Loving This Stuff!!
(4.5 out of 5 stars)

I think that Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is definitely the way to go for someone like me. I lead a busy schedule, and though my wife is amazing, I can’t ask her to cook special meals for me AND our three kids! She just supplements my NS meals with some fresh cooked veggies or fruit and it really eases her workload too. Sometimes she even sneaks a bite of MY food and is usually surprised about how tasty the meals are.

I have to say, I was never a big sweets guy, so sometimes the chocolate graham bar for lunch is not quite what I’m looking for taste-wise, but it’s really handy to have in the office on days I know I will not get away from my desk.

Basically, my doctor said I had two options – either start taking a bunch of medications, or begin to make some serious health changes. I wanted to start with what I felt I could accomplish first, then consider medicine. My doctor has been really happy with the results and I’ve been using Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan D for about 3 months now. Of course I have to exercise more too, but it’s a lot easier knowing I have the right balance of foods and nutrients.



Tasty, Easy Food

(4.5 out of 5 stars)

I am not a good cook. My family and friends will all tell you that. I could burn boiling water! That is why the Nutrisystem plan is the best plan for me. It is easy to make, in perfect little packages that are a cinch to store, and the best part is that it tastes very good.


I loved that I could pack the lunches to go in my satchel and take them with me to work. I invested in some plastic containers to take fresh fruits and vegetables with me too, and a good water bottle to take water or green tea with me wherever I go.


This is a program that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight. It is simple, effective, and most importantly, it tastes good! For anyone who needs simple fare, and wants to have their cake and eat it too, this is for you.



The Best Choice I Ever Made
(5 out of 5 stars)

Signing up for Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan is one of the best health choices I have ever made for myself. I have to admit, I do not know much about being fit and healthy. I was always a skinny guy in my younger years and played football in high school and such. But once college hit and the years went on, I got bigger. Then I found out I had diabetes. What a shock!


Since I had no idea where to start with cooking healthier, I knew I was going to need help, and I found it with the Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan program. The best part is that everything is done for me. All I have to do is pick up a few extra items from the grocery store once a week, and the rest is delivered straight to my doorstep. I haven’t felt this great in years. Yeah, some of the food is not my favorite, but I will take the convenience and not having to do guesswork about my health. My doctor is also pleased and I’ve been losing weight steadily and safely, according to him.


If anyone out there is thinking about it, definitely give Nutrisystem Men’s Diabetic Plan a try